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Venture Miami Hiring Fair

On April 25th, the Venture Miami Talent Summit will bringing together the resources, mentors, and experts needed to take prepare you for your next career opportunity. Join us if you are looking to get a leg up on find the right position for you.

On April 26th, the Venture Miami Hiring Fair will connect local talent with new and established companies that are actively seeking to hire. Whether that is a startup or a large corporate we have you covered from entry level positions to mid-senior level positions.

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Why Hiring Fair?

The Benefits of Attending the Venture Miami Hiring Fair

Connecting Companies with Local Tech Talent for Efficient and Effective Recruitment

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Access to Top Talent

The hiring fair will provide companies with access to a pool of local tech talent.Attendees will include job seekers with various skills, backgrounds, and levels of experience, giving companies the opportunity to find the right fit for their open positions

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Efficient Recruitment Process

The hiring fair provides an efficient recruitment process to fill open positions. Instead of having to go through numerous resumes and conduct individual interviews, companies can meet with a large number of potential candidates in a single day.

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Brand Awareness

Companies can increase their brand awareness and establish a positive reputation within the local tech community and the exposure to potential job seekers can help create a pipeline of talent for future recruitment efforts.

Past Participants Breakdown


Venture Miami Hiring Fair by the numbers

This is the fourth iteration of the Fair that has welcomed over 3k attendees and 200+ businesses.

Technical Roles

Boost Your Career

The Venture Miami Talent Summit

Upskilling local talent for the tech companies

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App screenshotNetworking Opportunities
The Venture Miami Talent Summit will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to network with industry leaders and experts. Participants can connect with like-minded individuals, share their experiences, and establish valuable business relationships.
App screenshotLearning Opportunities
The summit will feature keynote speakers and panel discussions on the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry. Attendees can learn from the experts, gain new insights, and acquire practical skills to improve their abilities.
App screenshotProfessional Development
The workshops offered will help attendees upskill and improve their abilities. By attending the workshops and learning from the experts, participants can gain valuable knowledge and skills that can help advance their careers in the tech industry.

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Frequently asked questions


Parking is free in the garage in Bldg. 7 on N.E. Second Ave. between 5th and 6th Streets. Please see the map attached. Please let security know you are there for the Job Fair and they will give you a temporary parking sticker.

Dress Code

Business Casual


The events are totally free, but you need to register.